Sandalwood Optimal Cleanser

Elsa EngAge 50

Amazing! Such a creamy luxurious cleanser....just a tiny dot goes a long way so you don’t need much, and it creates such a rich creamy lather that cleanse your whole face, and makes skin feel so soft. Also feels really gentle with a beautiful fresh scent

Tan Zi LingAge 18

Fresh!! It keeps my skin fresh, supple, hydrate and clean. BEST FACIAL FORM, gentle on skin. Has been using it gor ages. Highly recommended Bought spares during sales

Alia OngAge 47

perfect This is my first time trying Estee Lauder's product and I was kind of liking it so far. It has a microbeads that leaves you feel clean after wash and it smells nice too! I most probably will continue this product if it' does not causing any bad side effect on my skin.

DianaAge 30

feel clean After using the cleanser, I feel that my face is much cleaner and it's also gentle thus it wont hurt my skin. however, the cap is quite loose which I have no idea why.

Lah LeongAge 29

worth the money this product worked amazingly for my skin..I have oily it. I would definitely recommend this cleansing gel to whoever has oily skin.. this is so far the best of whatever I have tried out...

SKAge 40

Amazing! Wonderful cleanser....I love it so much, you must try it

Sandalwood Optimal Serum

ZoraAge 46

I just decided to change my skincare product to this brand! I first try their Cleanser and I’m loving it! I think this make my pores cleaner and smaller. Worth to try!

Siti SalinAge 42

I love this stuff!!! It makes my skin so soft and its moisturizing. I love putting it on at night and waking up with a refreshed look!!! I will be buying this again.

JoyceAge 38

extraordinary I received a sample & fell in love &I knew it was worth the money. This smooths out my face and makes it soft. It really makes a difference over time. I highly recommend to anyone who has trouble creating a smooth surface for their foundation.

Winnie PohAge 30

good for texture Really smooths skin makes it a nice base for moisturizer than primer, foundation. Not sure why they consider this a young adult addition to origins. I'm in my 30s and love it! I use it more in the summer months which is often bc I live in a humid climate

Bee BeeAge 44

I have tried this serum earlier when my mom give me two of those. I was surprised by its whitening effect. So i purchased it again. it is a little bit pricy but totally worth it.

Sandalwood Optimal Moisturiser

Jenesis sh LimAge 36

I live in dry and hot conditions so it does help to keep my skin hydrated. Moreover, it helps with balancing my face.

Jerry BAge 40

I haven't try out the product since I am currently with 5 types of moisturisers for daily and night routine. I found my skin condition is quite similar with her and I just purchased it

LeoAge 39

I have been using this for a few years now and wont use anything else. Amazing on my skin and together with the divine drops even better. Expensive, bit you only need a small amount.

Wong SKAge 41

Fall in love with this moisturizer since first try.. Bought the eye cream set n got this small bottle n yet now i buy the big perfect make my skin smooth n bright...

PK LohAge 42

Got this for my mum!! It’s her second bottle so it means it’s great! Bought it during the sales so it was Super worth it!

Passion Health Drink

Walfred BehAge 32

This brand is good,very effective. Normally my defecation only once in 2 to 3 days, now every day at least one.

Andy HuiAge 46

After I taking this product, it help me to sleep well at night and every day I feel very enegetic and not tired.

LukaAge 60

After taking passion health drink for few months, the amounts of psychotropic medicine started to decrease. It helps me a lot for my mental stress

Ya YaAge 36

Recommended product. I can feel my skin become smooth after taken for two weeks with 2 sachets a day.

LenaAge 41

Very good product. I can feel much healthier, because it boosts my immune system. Usually every morning I had sensitive running nose, now it gone.

Wonder Natural Organic Spray

Emely YeohAge 37

Wonderful Product, I just added 5 sprays into my 500ml diffuser for purifying air, lately I found mosquito in my house become less.

Melinda PangAge 43

Perfect for my kid, every time my kid got mosquito bite, I just directly apply the spray and rub it on the bites spot, my kid will not feel itch and later will not have trace. It also very easy to carry with me anywhere.

Venus OoiAge 26

When I had ulcers in my throat, I just mix 1 spray of wonder spray with a glass of water and gargle, few days later it recovers. Thanks for wonder spray.

EK TanAge 40

Very good product. As it introduced all purposes protection, I putted it in my car, kid's school bag, house, room almost everywhere to protect my family. Thanks wonder spray.

ForrestAge 34

Super impressed! Didn't think this was legit but it sure changed my mind!

Pure Sandalwood Essential Oil

Cecelia Lim PKAge 48

One of the best sandalwood Essential Oil from Australia. It leaves a much longer yet subtle aroma on skin. Strongly recommend it for personal or professional use.

Luky JinAge 40

Awesome Sandalwood Essential Oil I recently had. I buy the Sandalwood Essential oil and I made sure I left with a bottle its the best! I use it to make my own perfumes and body products.

Amanda AngAge 36

Excellent product I love this! Being a Remedial Massage Therapist I use in my treatment room. It is wonderful to help clear the sinuses and releive congestion. So far, I have not come across anyone who doesn't like it and I have been recommending it to friends and family.

RussellAge 60

This is one of the nicest Sandalwood scents. It smell smooth and very clean, the scent comes across light as a perfume. I often combine with either Lemon Grass or Clary Sage and lately the jasmine, 😀 I get complimented often on these scents.

Pei LingAge 38

great product, I have been using for years very nice oil. I use it to blend with other oils for diffusing. I have never been disappointed with the quality of NOW oils and I will probably never try another brand They have the best prices too!


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