The Inspiring Founder, Leader & CEO of DÉONLY

Armed with extensive business experiences globally, he believes in empowering those around him to achieve success collectively, where dreams must be pursue together and rewards are to be share generously.


“If you desire one year of prosperity, grow grain. If you desire 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you desire 100 years of prosperity, nurture people.”

DÉONLY, a company with deep-rooted of generations of Chinese Entrepreneur always adhere to the above ethics that forms the foundation of growth and stability, invariably devoted to the nurturing of the most prized assets, human.

DÉONLY specialises in provision of

health and skincare products

that derived from the goodness and

blessings of Mother Nature

We believed in the co-existence of human and supreme Nature as one, our destiny is to co-exist and co-prosper together.

Armed with the vast knowledge of the hidden benefits our Mother Nature provides, we pioneer the Sandalwood and Dragon Blood range of skincare products in this region.

Believing that the secrets of Nature are to be share for the wellbeing of each and everyone of us.

Our aim is noble, our pursue is righteous and our destiny is to be healthy, wealthy and happy with you.