Wonder Natural Organic Spray

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All Purpose Protection

DÉONLY’s Wonder Natural Organic Spray is made from fatty acids of edible and seed bearing plants.  It’s extremely small active molecule washes away germ, dirt, chemicals, grime and grease.

Direction of Use and Benefit

  • Insect Bites / Bee Sting / Mosquito Repellent / Rashes / Skin Itches
    Spray onto affected area rub gently till dries and see result within few minutes.
  • Wound Wash
    Spray directly on the wound, no rinsing is required.
  • Hand Sanitiser
    Spray onto your hand & rub gently.
  • Breath Freshener (Smoker, Drinker)
    Spray 1 time into mouth and gargle with water.
  • Gum Ulcers
    Spray on a damp cotton wool, press it on the ulcers for few minutes. Repeat 2 to 3 times daily.
  • Denture Cleaner
    Spray directly on the denture, brush thoroughly and rinse with water.
  • Teeth Whitening
    Spray on top of any toothpaste and brush thoroughly. Visible result within 2 weeks.

23 reviews for Wonder Natural Organic Spray

  1. Yeo HT

    I don’t normally suffer from mouth ulcers, but when i do they are quite bad and usually come about from a viral infection or if im really run down.
    I’m completely amazed with this product. After just 2 uses, my ulcer felt so much better.

  2. belinda

    definitely a wonderful choice to keep you safe!

  3. Danny Khoo

    This is the best ulcer treatment I’ve tried. It’s much better than the pastes and sticky sealing ones.

  4. Daniel

    The next time you get a bug bite, spray and rub it into damp skin. It will reduce the pain of the swelling and itching.

  5. Mei Mei

    When i use this on my son it cleans his wounds without the tears! No complaints here, excellent product.

  6. Yin Fong

    Really helped my daughter’s wounds heal quickly and avoid infection after toe op.

  7. Venus Ooi

    When I had ulcers in my throat, I just mix 1 spray of wonder spray with a glass of water and gargle, few days later it recovers. Thanks for wonder spray.

  8. Aron

    I bought several of these so that I’d always have one handy. The car, work, different rooms at home! Not a strong taste like mouthwash, just minty freshness.

  9. Kylen

    Love love love this product! It’s perfect to use right after eating/smoking and its the perfect size to keep in your purse or pocket.

  10. Celesta Lee

    As someone who loves to eat, this was super convenient to get rid of garlic/onion/anything breath!

  11. Melinda Pang

    Perfect for my kid, every time my kid got mosquito bite, I just directly apply the spray and rub it on the bites spot, my kid will not feel itch and later will not have trace. It also very easy to carry with me anywhere.

  12. Pei Hoon

    I often go out to meet customers, keeping my breath fresh is important. I used this spray for quite times, it ensuring my fresh breath for an extended period.

  13. EK Tan

    Very good product. As it introduced all purposes protection, I putted it in my car, kid’s school bag, house, room almost everywhere to protect my family. Thanks wonder spray.

  14. johnny

    Just wonderful! Do I need to say more!

  15. Tony Chin

    Amazing! It can remove the oil stain easily. Really worth for money!

  16. Salem

    My teeth looked much much whiter after using this product one time. Although hard to explain, my mouth feels so much cleaner!!!! Love it!!!! The paste is black, but if you lean over the sink when using it there are no clean up issues….it rinses right down. AWESOME!!!

  17. Chin

    This is an easy to use spray for the cleansing of minor acute wounds such as cuts, grazes, skin abrasions, first and minor second-degree burns and open blisters.

  18. Forrest

    Super impressed! Didn’t think this was legit but it sure changed my mind!

  19. jessie Y

    if i can describe it in 3 words ” favourite favourite favourite! “

  20. Emely Yeoh

    Wonderful Product, I just added 5 sprays into my 500ml diffuser for purifying air, lately I found mosquito in my house become less.

  21. Robot Tat

    Definitely will be ordering again.

  22. David Fong

    Over the past few months, we think it’s safe to say that hand sanitizer has become one of your best friends. If you prefer the spray version, you must try this Wonder Spray.

  23. Malcolm

    I am heavy smoker, don’t leave home without it. Never know when you might really need it. 😉

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