DÉONLY’s Wonder Natural Organic Spray is made from fatty acids of edible and seed bearing plants. It’s extremely small active molecule washes away germ, dirt, chemicals, grime and grease.

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DÉONLY’s proprietary formula uses only natural and top quality ingredients such as the highly effective Swiss Apple Stem Cells and Korean Deep Sea Collagen for our Passion Health Drink. Their superior anti-aging property enhances your skin beauty and overall health through the activation of dormant cells in the body.

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Beautiful skin starts with clean skin. Our skin is exposed to harsh elements such as UV exposure, dusk and other pollutants on a daily basis, causing skin irritation. So a high performance cleanser with potent anti-aging, hydrating ingredients is required to gently remove make-up and all impurities, leaving skin clean, soft and radiant.

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Modern lifestyle has been identified as one of the main cause of stress and stress related illness, leading to poor diets and insufficient rest which affects and causes various skin problems to flare up. Pure essential oil can be both nourishing and balancing for the skin, promotes cells regeneration by gradually restoring the natural youthful appearance of the skin.

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Swelling on my foot, due to uric acid has lessen. In 3 days, gout pain is gone.

Edmund Lim, PenangDÉONLY Passion Health Drink

My skin's open pores and fine lines are less visible after application of the cleanser and Serum.

Liza, SelangorDÉONLY Sandalwood Optimal Cleanser & Serum

I feel refreshed and energised the next morning even after a late night.

Amanda, PenangDÉONLY Passion Health Drink

My skin looks brighter and moisturised.

Mdm Chan, PenangDÉONLY Sandalwood Optimal Cleanser & Serum

3 years ago, I suffered badly from a fire accident. I used the Serum and Cleanser products for
1 month continuously and to my surprise, my skin condition healed rapidly!

Shanker, PenangDÉONLY Sandalwood Optimal Cleanser & Serum

My sensitive skin with acne problem has improved.

Lok Shiau Jiun, RawangDÉONLY Sandalwood Optimal Cleanser & Serum

I have red patches on my back, and within 3 days of application, it is relieved.

Shirlyn Lim, PenangDÉONLY Sandalwood Optimal Serum

I have sensitive skin issue, required medical prescription. After 2 weeks, my skin feels smoother, fairer with no sign of red rashes.

Eric, PenangDÉONLY Passion Health Drink

I have rashes on my skin especially on a hot day, but now it is not that sensitive anymore!

Hee Phaik Lee, PenangDÉONLY Passion Health Drink