dragon blood

The Dragon Blood tree is a native plant unique to Socotra Island. It has been used by the natives for wound healing and longevity. The Dragon Blood tree is aptly called the ‘Longevity Tree’ because it can live up to 8000 years old! Cuts on its trunk ooze a dark red resin that bestows a miraculous age reversal effect, many celebrities are believed to be using it to keep their youthful looks. Dragon Blood sap, rich in age-defying ingredients, has long been used as a beauty care formula by native women. Allegedly the magical resin of the tree has been used by local sorcerers in native medicine and alchemy. Chinese physicians agree that Dragon Blood resin is a valuable herb for wound healing and blood circulation, commonly using it together with mastic and myrrh for skin ulcers. Medical science has dismissed the beauty care actions of Dragon Blood as a myth by proving the presence of whitening and firming substances in its extract.

  • Dragon Blood Essence contains phenol, a group of potent anti-oxidants that are instrumental to safeguarding and repairing skin cells.
  • It is rich in anthocyanins that stimulate collagen synthesis, elevate cell vitality, reduce wrinkles and retard aging.
  • It has been used to sterilize and treat wounds, arrest bleeding and expedite healing.
  • It is teeming with flavonoids, medically proven for their anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-oxidant actions that can alleviate inflammation and swelling.
  • It ensures pimple relief and quicker wound healing.